All our apps work on all devices including Android TV, Fire TV, Phones and Tablets.

Background Apps and Process List

List Background running apps and processes, includes an option to force close the culprits.

Valutare: Calculator

Simple calculator app with advance result prompts, which shows the result, if you were to press the number next, above it. Share and store calculator history as csv.

NetSpeed Test

Test Internet download speed, latency (ping), scan LAN / WiFi for connected devices; all while consuming the minimum amount of data required.

Wireless File Manager

Send/Receive files, Browse/Save files stored on your Android (Internal Storage, External Storage) using any web browser.

Time NetSpeed Monitor: Internet Speed Meter

Displays current time and current network speed as an overlay.


A Launcher for TVs and Cars. Customise icon size as per your preference, Can be set to open app or app info screen on select.

No Keyboard

An app that allows you to hide your keyboard. Useful if you use bluetooth keyboard or just want to scroll through text on device without the keyboard popping up

Volume Change Shortcut

Software volume button for your device.

Power Menu

Software power button for your device.

App Info Manager

Search, sort, manage, extract APK of installed User and System apps, APK. Comprehensive App info screen lists all permissions including those requested by its activities, services and receivers requested by selected apps.

ADB Remote and Keyboard

Wireless ADB keyboard and remote for your Android Phones, Tablets and TVs.

The following are the various projects i have worked on over the past few years.

Keyword/Emotion analyzer for a Query Using Reddit Threads (Using R and Shiny)

Using Reddit threads to obtain the words/emotions associated with any particular query, thereby revealing the success rate of a product or system according to the current market strategy as obtained from the huge collection of user comments on Reddit threads, analyzing keywords from them.

My IP : IP address, VPN status, Network Scanner (Deprecated)

Browse internet, local IP address, DNS server address, gateway address, live bandwidth/ net speed on any android.

File Explorer (Deprecated)

A basic file explorer which includes folder size in list, Comprehensive APK info screen on opening APK files, list and search all files based on type (APK, Image, Video, Audio & other).

TV Time: A TV Usage monitor (Deprecated)

An app to keep tabs on the time you spent watching your TV. Also shows in notification useful info including Free Memory, Session Data Usage. The App makes use of SQLLite data handling.