Skills & Proficiency

Android (JAVA) & iOS (Swift) for App development

R for rapid analysis of relatively large datasets

Bootstrapp, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery & CSS for occassional web development

Inkscape, Illustator & After Effects for occassional video production and vector image creation


The following are the various projects i have worked on over the past few years.

Keyword/Emotion analyzer for a Query Using Reddit Threads (Using R and Shiny)

Using Reddit threads to obtain the words/emotions associated with any particular query, thereby revealing the success rate of a product or system according to the current market strategy as obtained from the huge collection of user comments on Reddit threads, analyzing keywords from them.

Valutare: Instant Calculator with Infinite History

An innovative calculator app with predictive calculations, which shows the result, if you were to press the number next, above it.

Time NetSpeed Monitor: Internet Speed Meter for TV

Displays current time and current network speed/bandwidth on an Android as an overlay.

Background Apps and Process List

List apps that are currently running in the background on android, includes an option to force close these resource hoggers.

My IP : IP address, VPN status, Network Scanner

Browse internet, local IP address, DNS server address, gateway address, live bandwidth/ net speed on any android.

TV Time: A TV Usage monitor

An app to keep tabs on the time you spent watching your TV. Also shows in notification useful info including Free Memory, Session Data Usage. The App makes use of SQLLite data handling.