Amazon Appstore App update issue

Please be aware of an issue that we have been dealing with recently in regards to updates. There has been a persistent issue for sometime now, in which even though a newer version of an app is available some users are unable to download it. You can find detailed discussions regarding this on github threads. I have already made amazon aware of this. In the meantime you can find and download app updates @

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Filedime, an open source almost feature complete file explorer written in Rust (for all filesystem interaction,backend), Tauri(for frontend, front-backend intercom). Support multi-window, tabs, fzf like search, swift folder size compute, hot reload for markdown,etc. It has a separate python based server implementation, which when running allows you to query your files* locally using ollama via RAG.A MeloTTS based file readout* option is also available. *currently supports only select file types.
Open Source

Background Apps and Process List

Force close apps that are running in the background.

Netspeed Test

Test Internet download speed, latency (ping) on any android device. Smart test lets you Check bandwidth in any app of your choice to identify whether ISP is throttling data speeds for specific apps.

Wireless File Manager

Transfer files between your android device and any device that has a browser/supports web data transfer.


Access your bookmarks from anywhere in the world. Unique orchestrator that interacts with floccus: bookmarks extension manager, dufs: WebDAV server. Has multiple backend options one made using Rust, one in NodeJS using NextJS, React.

V File Explorer (File explorer on Amazon Appstore)

Uses ForkJoin pool, Fuzzy Logic based search, Memoization, Glide, GSON, Recycleview.

Log Link To Disk

An extension for browsers that allow you to save link to local Markdown file.
Open Source

Netspeed monitor

Monitor live bandwidth usage/ network speed on PC.

No Keyboard

A Simple, secure yet functional minimise able, hide able keyboard to keep you productive.


Choose browser on a perlink basis on your PC. Made using Rust, FLTK for frontend.
Open Source


A launcher with fuzzy logic based search, iconless list, TV recommendations for frequently used apps etc.

Valutare Calculator

A unique calculator that calculates as you type.


Rust lib to save preferences with one line of code.
Open Source

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